Coding is the new trend in education. Many studies have shown that coding helps students to develop critical thinking and problem solving.The course is organized for the teachers to learn the basics of coding. This course is for beginner and user with some experiences as well. It will be an introduction to computer science to all teachers, even with no experience in coding.

We will use SCRATCH software for coding. Scratch is visual programming language. You can drag and combine code blocks to make a range of programs, including animations, stories, musical instruments and games. It’s a bit like the programming equivalent of LEGO!

There will be lessons in the morning and the trips will take place in the afternoon. You will experience both study and holiday at the same time. 


Day 1 

Morning:  Module 1 – Introduction

                Free Visual programming languages (Scratch, ANAP, Alice)

                Let’s start online –

Country Presentations


Day 2  

Morning : Module 2 – Coding with scratch

                Install Scratch ( for offline working;

                Create a Scratch account –  online working;

                Create a Scratch classroom (teacher and students)

Country Presentations

Afternoon : Trips

Day 3 

Morning : Module 3 – Designing consistent and repetitive actions

                Scripts – motion, looks, pen (moving, draw a figure)

                Scripts – events, control (making fly)

Country Presentations

Afternoon: Trips

Day 4 

Morning : Sprite – create, change, duplicate, costumes

                Project: Animate a name/ Birthday card

Afternoon : Trips

Day 5 

Morning : Module 4 – Stage and sound

               Backgrounds – create, change; bitmap mode/ vector mode

               Sound – play, record, change

               Project: Make music / Let’s dance

Afternoon : Trips

Day 6 

Morning : Module 5 – Create  an animation, create a game, create a test

                Operators – making conditions

                Project: Fashion game/ Hide and seek game/ Musical instruments test

Afternoon : Trips

Day 7 

Presenting the projects

Certificate Ceremony

Departures in the afternoon


16 – 22 August, 2021 (CONFIRMED) Rome / Italy
11 – 17 April, 2022 Istanbul / Turkiye
22 – 28 August, 2022 Barcelona / Spain