• What is gamification and why it`s good to use it in teaching?
  • Getting knowledge on methodology of teaching different groups of students by means of various games and creative activities;
  • Getting to know the latest and innovative methods of teaching;
  • Gaining some knowledge how to recognize students` educational needs;
  • Enhancing the use of active methods during classes;
  • Raising teachers` professional qualifications;
  • Encouraging the participants to use creative methods during classes as well as move beyond some schemes – that aims at building students self-confidence through fun activities;
  • Gaining knowledge how to provide an amusing and challenging respite from any other classroom activity;
  • Learning effective and suitable use of IT during classes;
  • Studying the idea of competition and motivation among students while playing games in classroom;
  • Sharing good practice.


5 – 11 August, 2022 (CONFIRMED) Paris / France
10 – 16 July, 2023 (CONFIRMED) Paris / France